Artist Biography

new logoAperture 23 (Adam Rogers) is a Falmouth University undergraduate and the . Originally hailing from Warwickshire, Adam enrolled the university in order to further his knowledge of Music Technology and to branch out into more digital based audio processing and performance.

First performing in 2012 as one half of an acoustic duo, Adam has grown a lot as a performer through his transformation of playing covers at school concerts to playing at theatres, live music venues, charity event, and festivals.

Moving on from the acoustic singer-songwriter style, Adam joined the Falmouth Laptop Orchestra and simultaneously began working on ‘sound to image’ style compositions that relied on field recordings to create rich compositions. The laptop orchestra allowed Adam to collaborate with proficient artists who all wanted to experiment with acousmatic improvisation performances in a creative and dynamic environment, while the venture into ‘sound to image’ allowed him to learn recording and mixing skills that are crucial to his aim of working as a foley artist in the future. 

Since studying A level photography, Adam has been interested in databending images as a form of art and specifically enjoys the spontaneity and unpredictability of bending images in audacity; the image of the fern seen at the top of this page was photographed and edited by Adam.

Digital processing doesn’t stop with photography however, Adam has discovered granular synthesis and other forms of digital processing and describes the process as similar to databending images in both product and in execution. Using Max MSP and Logic pro, Adam enjoys working on abstract audio paired with databent images and videos.

Adam’s plans for the future include creating performance based audio manipulation via Max MSP in a similar style to the Amsterdam based band, Controllar. Using Max MSP, he wants to incorporate the webcam into his audio processing methods.

Adam is currently employed as the sound engineer with upcoming video production company, Moonfood Creative, a group of Falmouth undergrads who are making waves with the local student base. Adam has worked with cohorts Oliver Cole and Matthew Delaloye in order to create music videos, documentaries, experimental shorts, and university promotional material.


Stressed Out – Twenty One Pilots (Cover)

As a final send off for my housemate, we got together and recorded a chilled out video for Stressed Out.
You’ve finished 3rd year bro, enjoy backpacking stress free!

Recorded with a pair of SE2200A II multi-pattern mics for the vocals and guitar, and a di for the bass, this video has all the qualities and equipment of a fun bedroom recording.



Recorded when we first met/started jamming in Jan 2016, we wanted to have fun and record my favourite cover track in a more acoustic/upbeat way: